Name: Rex
Age: 17
Nickname: goodie 2 shoes
Hair color: orange
Eyes: orange
Race: both Ndebele and Zulu
Special attack: Black Hole Extinction
Weapons: twin Pantheras
Debut: Vol 1

Personality – Is a responsible, straight A student who loves his school. In battle he becomes incredibly fierce and aggressive. He is also grateful to those that help him.

Synopsis – Rex first encounters the Tinka Boys, who end up out numbering him, but the odds change for his benefit, he later realizes that he needs to improve. He got into another handicap battle with Kelvin; it took both Oscar and Bra G to stop the battle.

Kelvin, Oscar and himself form a team to participate in the Dipadisano.

Powers and Techniques
Black hole extinction – A blast he shot with one hand in Vol. 1 but actually fires using both his hands by thrusting his hands forward, gathers energy and discharges a huge bluish purple energy towards his opponent.

Black and white Panthera - Dual black and white swords with leopard heads attached on the hilts.