Name: Buxx / Kelvin
Age: 17
Nickname: nerd
Hair color: red
Eyes: black
Debut: Vol 1

Personality – Is calm, collected, and solitary person, who hides his true cheerful personality from those whom he considers strangers. He is very strategic, calm and collected character, rarely showing any signs of distress.
Synopsis - Kelvin first meets with Oscar by their mutual interest in video games, the two become friends since. After playing against Rex in the arcades, both of them got ambushed by Cultura Academy and got rescued by Oscar. He teams with both Oscar and Rex to participate in the Dipadisano.

Powers and Techniques

Rising dragon - Kelvin intensifies his strength and gives an upward blow be it punch. The upward release of energy is becomes an image of a majestic dragon rising towards the sky (depending on the area which he performs the technique example around fire will cause him to do a Rising “fire” dragon etc.), he later performs any element he desires after he has mastered them.

Dragons Roar - Dragons Roar in which he quickly gathers and releases a large quantity of energy from his cupped hands hence becoming an image of a dragon dashing towards its target at his target.

Dragon sword - which he uses for short range attacks.

Dragon gun - used for long range attacks.